Success stories

We’re proud to work with some great organisations making a real positive impact on the lives of their Learning Disability service users

AutonoMe Case Study

We’ve been working in partnership with Devon Council since January 2018 providing better support to their Learning Disability by combining technology and people. Working with providers we’ve been measuring impact both in quantitative and qualitative data. Below is a video showcasing how AutonoMe is helping people in Devon live independently, please use the button below to request the anonamised accompanying quantitative service user data.

“before I put my stuff in the washing machine I use the App, for dusting, hoovering and changing my bedding”

Service User

Adult in supported living

Developing student independence

Working closely with Weston College and their faculty of inclusion we’ve been helping students develop their life skills using AutonoMe inside and outside of the classroom.

“I really enjoy doing it. I think I will tell my friends about it. I understand the instructions”

Service User

Young Adult with Autism