Frequently asked questions

Looking for answers? Most answers can be found here however if you have a specific question we’d love to here from you

How many videos does AutonoMe have?

AutonoMe has over 60 videos in our ever expanding library covering house hold tasks, cooking, cleaning, safety, personal hygiene and more. If there is a video you require please let us know

What connection will I need to use AutonoMe

AutonoMe works best with a stable internet connection such as WiFi, 3G or 4G. We strongly recommend using AutonoMe via a WiFi connection as this will not affect your mobile phone data plan.

I don't have WiFi, how much mobile mobile data will AutonoMe use?

If viewing 1 hour worth of videos per month at full 1080p quality AutonoMe would use roughly 1.2GB of your monthly data allowance. This will likely be lower due to our adaptive bitrate streaming videos

What smart device will I need to use AutonoMe?

To use AutonoMe you will need an Apple or Android Phone or tablet that is compatible with supported operating systems. To fine out if your device is compatible please visit this web page.

How secure is the data you collect?

Our data is stored in the UK, regularly backed up and only shared with our clients and partners that are necessary to deliver the AutonoMe service. We follow all the legal frameworks set by the UK Government Data Protection Act and are preparing to fully meet the European Commission’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) when they come into effect in May 2018. For more information please look over our data security page