Helping Local Authorities be more efficient with the support they provide to their Learning Disability population

24/7 support for your population

AutonoMeis built to meet the needs of The Care Act (2014) and provides 24/7 support to your Learning Disability population at fingertips when they need it, inside and outside of commissioned hours.

No extra capital required

Our business model is just as innovative as our technology. AutonoMe doesn’t require you to find additional capital, instead, we work within your current commissioning structure – we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to! Get in touch and let us explain further how this business model would work in your Local Authority

Part of your community

Learning Disability services are community-based and so are we. With each Local Authority, we work with we employ a regional representative to support your staff, providers and other key partners to embed AutonoMe into their practice. We even attend reviews and provider engagement networks.

Data driven outcomes

AutonoMe tracks and stores all user data so you can see how effective AutonoMe is at providing support in your region. Our data will enable you to discover the type of support your service users need, the efficiency gains and the financial savings provided by AutonoMe. We work with you to evaluate this data to make informed commissioning decisions
Some of the Local Authorities we work with