User engagement

Getting 100% adoption in your region

Whilst our service has a very wide inclusion criteria we’ve put together an ‘ideal profile’ of vulnerable users that typically find AutonoMe accelerates their independence than traditional support methods alone. We work closely with Local Authorities, providers, PAs and community teams to help them make an informed decision when selecting appropriate beneficiaries in the region.


Age: 16 - 40

Most of our users sit within this age range

Hours per week: 2 to 24/7

Most vulnerable users who greatly benefit from our Educational technology service currently receive some kind of commissioned support alongside AutonoMe


Desire to develop independence

We find the most successful users are those interested in and committed to developing their independence.

Supportive Network

It’s imperative the user has a supportive network open to working with us to embed AutonoMe into their routine to help develop their independence such as; parent carers, PAs, support workers, providers etc 


Wants to develop skills in the home

AutonoMe can have a really positive impact on service users that require support with household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, maintaining personal hygeine and keeping secure and safe in their home.

Stable internet connection

The service user must have a stable internet connection such as WiFi, 3G or 4G thorughout their house.

Have a smart device

All users will require an iOS or Android smart device of which they use regularly and confident with apps such as YouTube.

Can be forgetful

Service users who often forget tasks such as taking out the recycling on the right day, eating breakfast in the morning and locking their home at night.