We help Providers and their support workers to evidence their outcomes

Training for your support staff

We work closely with your support staff providing training in various methods including face to face, online, web and print. With our versatile approach, we strive to ensure your staff have the skills and knowledge required no matter how high or low your staff retention.

“Using AutonoMe data we can relocate hours in their personal budget to learn more advanced skills.”

CEO, Learning Disability Support Provider

Improving independence together

We work alongside your support staff to focus on improving the independence of your service users. AutonoMe delivers help with tasks across the Care Act such as cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene and more. We monitor service users independence at regular intervals then feedback to your support workers to action.

We evidence outcomes you deliver

We work with your support staff to help embed AutonoMe into their daily practice and evidence the outcomes delivered by data. Our quantitive and qualitative data give you evidence to show your Local Authority how you’re meeting the outcomes of your service users individually and as a cohort.

“We really enjoy using AutonoMe. The instructions are easy to follow and understand and were concise and clear. My service user was able to use the App and follow the instructions almost entirely independently. It means she can be confident cooking on her own.”

Support Worker, Caring for young adult with Autism