The worlds largest instructional video library for vulnerable people

Where it all began

12 years ago our Founder, William Britton, had recently left University after completing his Video Production Degree and was working in the industry. Whilst working in the Video Production industry he got a 2-week ‘temp job’ on the side supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities at the local FE College. He enjoyed the experience so much that he stopped taking on video production work and focussed his career on people with Learning Disabilities. He went on to become a full-time support worker, completed his PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) specialising in Adults with Learning Disabilities and spent 5 years as an Assistive Technology specialist. Founded in 2015 William combined his understanding of the challenges faced by people with Learning Disabilities and his skills in Video Production to produce high-quality instructional video content that guided service users successfully through activities. Build up over the years AutonoMe now has over 100 videos covering 4 areas of The Care Act.

Helping your service users with four areas of The Care Act

Our video library has over 100 videos and is constantly expanding. All our videos are broken down into the below four areas of The Care Act. Click on the drop down menu’s below to find out which instructional videoss we currently have in our library.

    • Cereal
    • Potato wedges
    • Sausage sandwich
    • Fruit salad
    • Fried egg on toast
    • Egg mayonnaise sandwich
    • Toast with spread
    • Scrambled egg on toast
    • Packed lunch
    • Pizza
    • Pasta bake
    • Jacket potato with cheese (oven and microwave)
    • Microwave a meal
    • Flapjacks
    • Ham salad
    • Ham sandwich
    • Bacon and pea risotto
    • Cheese Omelette
    • Beef burger
    • Cheese on toast
    • Chicken noodle stir fry
    • Chicken curry
    • Cheese sandwich
    • Chicken wrap
    • Chocolate sponge cake
    • Chilli con carne
    • Scones
    • Nachos
    • One-pan roast chicken
    • strawberry flan
    • Spaghetti Bolognese
    • Cottage pie
    • One-pan roast chicken
    • Beans on toast
    • Pizza (pre-made) with salad
    • Pie (pre-made)
    • Scampi, chips and salad
    • Curry from a jar
    • Clean bathroom
    • Clean kitchen
    • Dishwasher
    • Vacuum
    • Washing Machine
    • Tidy your bedroom
    • Tumble dryer
    • Polish
    • Recycle
    • Iron
    • Mop the floor
    • Wash, dry up and put away
    • Change bed sheets
    • Pelican crossing
    • Lock door
    • Checklist before leaving
    • Evening safety checks
    • Using the ATM
    Personal hygiene and wellness
    • Brush teeth
    • Cup of coffee
    • Wash and dry your hands
    • Cup of tea
    • Reading sell by dates
    • Flush toilet
    • Hot chocolate
    • Adjusting the radiator (electric)
    • Wash hands with a towel
    • Wash hands (Covid-19 Department of Health guidance)

    Gentle reminders to help manage throughout the day

    AutonoMe also delivers personalised notifications to help remind service users of tasks they may forget. For example we can notify your service user on Tuesday evening to make sure they have put their recycling bins out ready for collection on Wednesday morning. We create personalised notifications plus we have an ever expanding number of stock notifications. Use the drop down menu to explore which could help your service users.

    • Brush teeth, morning and evening
    • Reminder to use AutonoMe
    • Dinner
    • Lunch
    • Breakfast
    • Recycle
    • Shower or Bath
    • Gym bag
    • Hoover your house
    • Clean the kitchen
    • Clean the bathroom
    • Wash up, dry and put away cutlery
    • Change bedding
    • Clean the home
    • Wash your hands (Covid-19 guidance currently sent to